The German business journal HANDELSBLATT named our firm as BEST TAX ADVISOR 2024 in Germany. Thank you!


The rule in tax consultation, especially on an international level, is: what is learned stays learned, preferably abroad, preferably through the collaboration with internationally operating companies. The founder of Isensee International, Tobias Isensee, is strongly characterised by his Hamburg period as a German chartered tax accountant. He worked there for two of the big international accountancy firms, lastly in a position with national responsibility. After more than a decade of tax-consultation work for internationally operating companies, the time was then ripe for him to take the step from consultant to consulting entrepreneur. The clients that Isensee International advises nowadays range from medium-sized companies to international groups of companies holding assets of several hundred millions Euros.


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"It is our company philosophy to harmonize professional excellence with competitive costs for the benefit of our clients. In order to achieve this, we take time to understand the concerns and goals of each client in order to develop joint strategies and solutions. Our approach is multi-disciplinary and international: we work closely with lawyers and corporate finance advisers both domestically and abroad, but also with partners in our international network of tax advisory companies in order to find the best solution for each client." Tobias Isensee, German Chartered Tax Accountant and Chartered International Tax Specialist, co-author of 'Investment' a recognized German commentary on German investment law, member of the board of examiners for the appointment of chartered tax accountants. Also, he is permitted to bear the title Chartered Specialist for Inheritance Law and Estate Planning.


In addition to the successful development of concepts in tax consultancy in the fields of international tax, property tax, transaction tax und value added tax, Isensee International has an accounting department using modern IT that can meet all demands. We set up accounting systems and prepare annual financial statements for companies of every legal form and size: from companies that start with a small representative office through to affiliates of foreign groups to special solutions for closed-ended funds, for insurance companies for example.


"With Isensee International you are guaranteed a hard-working, client-focused team dedicated to making sure all of your accounting and tax needs are met. Place your trust in a committed team of experts that can save you a lot of time and money, and get in touch with us."Tobias Isensee, German Chartered Tax Accountant and Chartered International Tax Specialist, Chartered Specialist for Inheritance Law and Estate Planning, Founder of Isensee International, Munich, and has also access to an worldwide network of independent tax accountants.